All of our clients are treated as celebrities! However we are the automatic choice for many managers for celebrity transportation. We do not namedrop clients as many others do which is extremely disrespectful and detrimental to their privacy and security. We are aware that people may be exhausted when they get in the car, and just want peace and quiet. It could be the case that they wish to chat which is welcomed or you may require utter silence, just to recline the rear electric seats, set the climate control digitally to their exact required temperature, and to have a snooze or listen to peaceful music. It could be a case that you have Confidential phone calls to make, or you need to catch up with emails in silence. Whatever your choice, your journey will have your requirements set as a priority. Needless to say we will have still and sparkling bottled mineral water with travel sweets ready for you, but if you have a special requirement or favourite food or drink, we can happily have that ready with any newspapers or magazines you require.

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