We are repeatedly chosen by VIP, VVIP and celebrity management for their transportation. Many other companies will namedrop, or horrifically even ask for a photo to be taken of who they drive. Others choose to betray a confidence and brag about this in social media. We never disclose a client list, nor will we. We have the ability to offer you home office approved drivers, and follow all necessary protocols for driving celebrities and also politicians. Not only are our vehicles the very top models, but we also offer you a comprehensive range from Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Range Rover Vogue. Decoy cars can be provided, and we are experienced in crowd control, and many of our vehicles have been utilized in security managed operations and road closures. For these reasons it is obvious to see why we are the automatic and repeated choice. Many of our security drivers are always asked who they have driven, the response received is that is against company policy, and we have signed nondisclosure agreements. all our vehicles are GPS tracked at all times and have recording CCTV for maximum security.

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