Every chauffeur company should aim to offer the best possible transportation service for their clients. They are certainly a step above the standard taxi, and they are perfect for businessmen, VIP clients, weddings and other important events. You know that the service will be fantastic, but what should you expect from a respected chauffer company?

The Customer Service

One of the most important things to look for is a high level of customer service. We at Fairmont aim to provide excellent customer service from the moment that their client picks up the phone to call them. The chauffeur company must remember that every client is unique and has different needs, and they must be willing to tailor their service to that client. After all, the customer makes the company!

For this reason, Fairmont trains all of their staff to be customer facing, from their reception team to their VIP service. We gained our enviable reputation by providing the best possible customer service. For example, chauffeurs also learn about the local area so that they can be a handy local guide for their clients.

However, luxury chauffeur services aren’t just about customer service – they also aim to provide the client with the best possible journey. For this reason, Fairmont offers clients the chance to relax and recharge their batteries, and each client receives a complimentary bottle of water, the daily newspaper and even a delicious en route meal if required.

The Technology

Of course, not every client wants to spend their journey relaxing, and some people use the journey as a chance to respond to emails or complete work. Fairmont has prepared for this by adding WiFi to all of their vehicles. This means that the clients can enjoy their personalized journey, so if they want, they can relax and eat, or they could have a productive journey completing work.

The ultimate priority for any chauffeur service, however, is efficiency. It is important that drivers are never late, and they should always know their client’s schedule. Perhaps the real reason why Fairmont is the best chauffeur company in Yorkshire is that they use specialist tracking systems to monitor client’s travel connections and schedules. This way they are notified of changes or cancellations so that the driver can adjust the journey for the client’s convenience. This guarantees that they are always in the right place at the right time – even if the client’s schedule has changed a few times that day.


Ideally, any highly respected chauffeur company will provide their client with lots of different benefits and perks. The biggest priorities, however, are a high level of customer service and efficiency. Let’s not forget, the main priority is that the client is satisfied. The best way to ensure that the client is happy is to provide these extra services, such as specialist tracking systems and the option of a meal for a hungry client. This ensures the complete service.

With an immaculate fleet of vehicles from Mercedes, including S Class limousines and latest shape V Class people carriers, Range Rover Vogue, Bentley Flying Spur, cl; aspic Rolls Royces and 3 Rolls Royce Phantoms, all with complimentary WiFi and refreshments – your highest expectations will be pleasantly exceeded.

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