We are often booked for private transportation pre and post medical operations, on behalf of private individuals and medical insurance companies alike. If you have had a particularly painful operation, you may need a vehicle you can stretch you legs in, or perhaps you will choose one of our Mercedes S class long wheelbase limousine, with air suspension, ensuring a Relaxing and trauma free journey. We are aware that medical appointments can run over scheduled times, which is not a problem. As we have a large fleets with many drivers, it is not a problem if your plans change as we are not a one man band who are rushing back to cover another job, unlike lesser companies.?In times of stress and worry, make sure you book a company who is sensitive to your needs, reliable and has your most comfort and relaxation as a priority. It goes without saying that we can assist you from your hospital room or reception foyer, to or from your home. If you are in a wheelchair we can happily assist and give you a full door-to-door assisted service. Contact the best, contact us today. Email us at info@leedschauffeurs.co.uk

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