We regularly collect and take clients to one from private jet transportation. This is for private individuals and corporate entities. As with most private flight terminals and private runways, we are well renowned for this service.

We can supply several identical vehicles for security reasons, and also we offer a very bespoke service.

We can collect clients directly at the jet side, loading all luggage directly into our vehicles and meeting literally by the steps.

We have conducted the service numerous times, and obviously our vehicles, licenses, and personnel are all fully vetted. We operate a full nondisclosure agreement to all of our clients.

We regularly collect shooting parties by private jet, and find our range Rover Vogue is particularly popular for this service as all luggage can be carried with ease, and the vehicle can also be accompanied on the shooting parties, with the electric rear heated seats been particularly welcome and for typical shooting party weather.

We look forward to being of service to you soon.

Email us at info@leedschauffeurs.co.uk

Tel: 07790 334455 & 07802 376970

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