Here at Leeds chauffeurs, we specialize in security transportation, often for VIPs and celebrities. All our chauffeurs are highly professionally trained as well as undergoing a strict medical and having completed strict non-disclosure agreements. We are also proud to employ drivers who have spent a long career with the police force and have undergone police training driving programs, as well as our own Rolls-Royce standard trained accredited drivers. We work alongside the police, all and all authorities in ensuring transportation is smooth and problem free. We are fully experienced in roadblocks, crowd control, and decoy cars. It is important that experienced security chauffeur as Leeds chauffeurs is chosen for such important tasks. All our vehicles are GPS tracked at all times as well as CCTV live recording of the road ahead, we are one of the chauffeur companies to implement this. We have a large and varied fully licensed immaculate fleet and can supply decoy cars if required. All of our security vehicles are fitted with privacy glass. Through our partners in London, we can also supply armor-plated vehicles to B6 standards. All security drivers are SIA licensed, with extra training in crowd control. In recent large scale events, our vehicles have been equipped with extra cameras, and extra/emergency lighting. We carry a larger than standard liability insurance as this is often required for these calibers of events. Email us at

Tel: 07790 334455 & 07802 376970