Continued Expansion for Leeds Chauffeurs

We continue to expand our operations for both private and corporate clients. A successful Chauffeur company is more than having a good car, it is the discretion and professionalism of the driver as well. Our drivers are fully experienced and after a strictly medical and signing of nondisclosure agreements, and thorough extensive training, can then […]

BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S Class long wheelbase limousines at Leeds Chauffeurs.

Motoring journalists have always faced a tough decision when it comes to comparing the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S Class comparatively. Both are supremely well-engineered, with incredible levels of refinement, The Mercedes S Class has often been regarded as the world’s best chauffeur car for many years which is why we have always used […]

New 2021 latest shape Mercedes S Class limousine at Leeds Chauffeurs.

We now have the very latest shape, brand new 2021 Mercedes S Class long wheelbase limousine and believe we are the only company in Yorkshire to do so. Finished in metallic black, it arrived within 50 miles! We also have a BMW 7 series long wheelbase limousine in metallic black to join our fleet and […]