Traveling between airports, meetings, and conferences can take a large amount of time out of a working day and you want to ensure your clients and personnel have a stress-free journey which enables them to be at their best. Using a bespoke chauffeur service ensures they are treated with the utmost care and are left with a lasting impression of the quality of your company.

First impressions count. From the moment a client is greeted, they form an instant impression of your company, so being met by a professionally trained chauffeur means they are instantly impressed.

They will be greeted with a personalized name board if required, by a chauffeur who is well presented, helps them with any luggage and deals with any requests they might have.
Not only are bespoke chauffeurs courteous and discreet, they also create a relaxing atmosphere which is tailored to your client’s requirements.

A bespoke chauffeur service means the driver will have been fully briefed on the passenger’s requirements and will ensure the journey is to their wishes. Such a service means the journey is tracked so that all schedules and any connections are constantly monitored so that adjustments can be made if needed. A professional chauffeur will have the ability to be flexible if circumstances change and can deal with any unexpected situations which may arise.

If you are looking for a bespoke chauffeur service in Leeds, we offer a highly professional experience for discerning clients. For any corporate meeting to be a success, a client’s journey needs to start on a positive note and bespoke travel makes them feel you have gone that extra mile.

VIP treatment: 
Offering a bespoke chauffeur service for your corporate clients will make them feel they are really important to your company with a VIP service in a smart, high-end car with a chauffeur to match, with a fleet of over 30 cars including several Mercedes, Range Rover, Bentley and Rolls Royces.

Maximum comfort with extra legroom, top quality leather seats which recline and can be heated, will give clients a chance to relax and recharge. They can choose whether to catch up on work using the fold-down tables provided or make private calls or email clients. Complimentary newspapers, bottled water, and snacks add to the experience to ensure they arrive at their destination in style and comfort. There are individual temperature controls for each passenger as well as side and rear blinds for privacy and security. Most cars have refrigerators to keep refreshments cool too.

There is a bespoke chauffeur service in Yorkshire, Leeds Chauffeurs, which has a proven experience in providing the highest and most reliable standard of VIP journeys which means clients return again and again.

So, make a great impression by using a bespoke chauffeur service to ensure your client is treated respectfully and professionally from the moment they are greeted to the point where they say goodbye. Being very well treated will not go unnoticed and a professional chauffeuring service will exceed all their expectations, making sure they remember you.

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