International drivers with Leeds Chauffeurs.

We have been asked to drive our clients abroad, in addition to within England. We are fully experienced with traveling abroad and have the correct international permits.  Should you wish our drivers to accompany you abroad we can either drive your car there and fly back or stay on hand to drive you on unfamiliar roads […]

Chauffeur-driven pet transportation with Leeds Chauffeurs.

The EU situation has changed pet transportation, we can transport and collect your pets from not only private airport terminals in one of our fully air-conditioned Range Rover Vogues but to and from Heathrow Airport for the pet terminal (and all UK airports) and also a collection with stopping each way experience. Experience the convenience […]

Transport strike solutions with Leeds Chauffeurs.

As you will be aware, England does seem to be grinding to a halt at the moment in many sectors, especially transportation. Amidst these challenges, Leeds Chauffeurs remains dedicated to providing reliable and efficient transportation services. If you have an important meeting event, it is obvious public transport cannot be relied upon. Whereas we always […]